Theft is the crime of larceny, embezzlement, or taking under false pretenses. The essence of a theft is an unlawful taking, broken down by the method of the taking. California Penal Code 484-502.9.

Theft can be one of two degrees: grand theft or petty theft.

The theft is grand theft if: (1) The money, labor, or real or personal property taken is of a value exceeding $400,7 or if it is taken by a servant, agent, or employee and the aggregate value of what was taken is $400 or more in any consecutive 12-month period; or, (2) The property taken is a dog of a value exceeding $400; or (3) The property taken is a specified farm commodity or aquaculture product, or real estate converted by severance, of a value exceeding $100; (4) The property is taken from the person of another; or (5) The property taken is a firearm, specified animal, gold dust, mercury, or amalgam, of any value; or, (6) The property taken is an automobile. All other theft constitutes petty theft. Penal Code §§ 487, 488.

Robbery is theft from a person by use of force or fear.

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